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Dolomiti da sogno is a project born immediately after the storm Vaia, with the aim of giving back a “dream” to our mountains. It started from Nicola Ercolini’s idea, who immediately recruited Umberto, and together they began this project. At first, on social media, blogs and continued with the desire to grow a strong community around these mountains. We like to think that the mountain teaches us to overcome our limits, to evaluate paths, to reach and share goals, and with this philosophy Camilla, Nicole – with her beloved Scott – and Susanna have joined the team. Today, Dolomiti da sogno is a point of reference for anyone who wants to discover the Dolomites, telling about excursions, curiosities, life stories, and news involving the Dolomite territory and its surroundings.


In recent years, the team has focused mainly spreading informations about the activities and people who live in the Dolomites, telling about the most hidden and beautiful places. Yet, it has always had the dream of taking action on the land. For this, in 2022, it will plant new trees, contributing to the rebirth of the forests of Val di Fiemme, destroyed by the storm Vaia in 2018. Plus, it started a magazine aimed at raising awareness on these issues, to preserve the beauty of this territory. Like this, it will leave a better planet to future generations.

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Fiemme Valley

Val di Fiemme (TN)