In 1961, Luxottica originates in Agordo, in the heart of the Dolomites: a small manufacturer of optical components and accessories. Thanks to a savoir-faire of excellence, its wholesale network today includes more than 150 countries on five continents and a retail network of about 9,200 stores. Despite unprecedented growth, the group remains true to its territorial roots, shaken by Storm Vaia in 2018. Given its close ties to the territory, Luxottica financed the largest reforestation project by a private company: 30 hectares, equal to about 50 soccer fields. Through our partnership, which also involved the municipality of Agordo, Luxottica is supporting the cleanup and management of more than 15,000 mature trees and the planting of 2,000 new trees, of local species, to increase the biodiversity and resilience of the forest. Luxottica's first signature forest will be able to capture and conserve 8,500 tons of CO2, equal to the annual CO2 emissions of 1,700 Italian citizens. In addition, employing the recovered timber and forest waste will give rise to a circular economy pathway on a local scale. The intervention returns environmental, economic, and social value to the area, mitigating the impact of Luxottica's activities and transforming a traumatic event, such as storm Vaia, into an opportunity for land development.

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Levico Acque

Even water can be climate positive, Levico is proof. Already carbon neutral since 2014, it takes a quantum leap in 2019 by becoming the first climate positive water, offsetting 110% of its emissions. How? By planting and caring for 65 trees a day, from the Alps to the sea in WOW areas throughout Italy. The company does more than just that, it raises awareness through its bottles, which are, of course, made of returnable glass that can be reused up to 30 times before being recycled. Recently, it implemented manifesto labels," which were selected as one of the 5 best social communication ideas in the Global Water Drink Award. The strength of this innovation lies in its simplicity: evocative images combined with impactful phrases aimed at pushing for action against the climate crisis."


Pasta Sgambaro

Quality and respect for the environment are two concepts that should be closely linked. Pasta Sgambaro is an example of this: founded in 1947, Sgambaro Molino e Pastificio aims to bring good, healthy and safe pasta to the tables of Italians. To this end, Sgambaro has been using exclusively durum wheat produced in Italy since 2001: a decision that not only ensures direct supply chain control, but also eliminates the impact of international transportation of the raw material.

The focus on environmental responsibility, however, does not stop there. The desire to leave a world better than it found it still guides the business strategies of the company, which has embarked on a 10-year improvement plan to become Climate Positive by 2030. Noteworthy among the concrete actions that are part of this continuous improvement journey is the total elimination of plastic from the new 100% recyclable packaging of the Etichetta Bio line, a new packaging entirely composed of FSC®-certified virgin cellulosic fiber, an innovation that won the ADI Packaging Design Award 2022 awarded by the Association for Industrial Design by virtue of “innovation, clarity of information, and the use of fully recyclable environmentally sustainable materials.”

And it doesn’t end there: Sgambaro is also at the forefront of taking care of natural ecosystems, supporting reforestation projects and protecting and restoring existing forests in compliance with stringent responsible forest management standards.


Alta Badia Brand

Environmental responsibility is becoming a fundamental pillar not only for companies, but also for territorial promotion organizations. A prime example of this phenomenon is Alta Badia Brand, which, constantly engaged in the development of projects aimed at reducing the impact of tourism on the area, has committed a real call to action towards tourists. Over the past few years, together we have carried out a reforestation project on areas damaged by storm Vaia that was fully financed and supported, through the adoption of trees, by tourists who wanted to leave a positive mark on the mountains they love.

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