CUS Padova Calcio a 5

Support what you believe in! 

After a championship of only satisfaction, with 2 cups won and a promotion to A2 series, we had to start again.

We did it together, creating our own project, welcomed with open arms by the CUS and the University of Padua. Starting from scratch, more and more united and with a single objective: to show society how much sport has contributed to our growth as athletes and as women. Sport creates self-esteem, confrontation and leadership. Valuable elements in both study and professional career.

As women, mothers and aunts we couldn’t help but look to the future. For this reason, a new tree will be created at each of our matches, in collaboration with the project.

Put your energies at the service of sport, the community and the environment, support us on “Cus Padova 5-a-side football: it’s time to play! Here you will find our fundraising campaign, aimed both at individuals and companies, with prizes and green and fun solutions!

Active forest areas

Burkina Faso

By choosing one of our trees you will be helping not only nature but also local populations. Adopt the tree of your choice and we’ll take care of it by teaching the women of Burkina Faso how to turn their products into a source of livelihood for the entire village.


You want to make Arcella a better neighborhood and you want a greener, healthier and more beautiful city?

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