Humanity today is facing an unprecedented ecological crisis: the unbridled use of fossil fuels and polluting and non-renewable materials has serious negative impacts on climate, biodiversity and society. In fact, the scientific community no longer speaks of climate change, but of climate crisis.

Precisely because we are in crisis, we must act quickly and effectively, teaming up and moving forward together towards the common good. It is precisely from this awareness that we were born: the non-profit, cooperative electricity supplier that sells only renewable electricity from photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric plants with a guarantee of origin to its members.

Transparency, sharing, mutuality, participation and sustainability are the values that guide our daily actions. Thus, driven by the constant desire to do everything possible in the fight against the climate crisis, the collaboration with WOWnature was also born, thanks to which we will take care of a tree for each membership received in conjunction with the M’Illumino di Meno campaign by Radio Rai/Caterpillar and Fa La Cosa Giusta! in Milan.

Active forest areas

Oglio Sud Regional Park

The Oglio Sud Regional Park is a vast protected area that develops along the banks of the river Oglio, rich in nature, cycling and food and wine trails.

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