Which fruit trees bloom in the spring? Here’s a little calendar.

Fruit trees welcome spring with intense scents and vibrant colors celebrating the arrival of the beautiful season: here is a small calendar not to miss the next spring blooms.

February blooming

In Sicily almond trees began to bloom in January and in the same period, from Trentino Alto Adige to Basilicata, the first inflorescences were born on hazelnuts. In February, on the other hand, orange trees bloomed, with their white and fragrant flowers: towards the end of the month it was also the turn of the first cherry trees. We can call it “the magic of blossoming”, a process that is renewed every year and that, from week to week, marks the changing of the seasons giving us spectacular landscapes.

Blooming in March

We have just said goodbye to March, the period in which the first lemon flowers appear: the last ones will bloom in autumn, late October. But the month of March is characterized by the awakening of two widely spread fruit plants with spectacular blooms: the peach tree, with its charming pink flowering foliage, and the plum tree, which instead is tinged with white. But there are also the beautiful yellow flowers of the dogwood, while lowering our eyes we could see some strawberry plants already in full swing.

Blossoms in April and May

In April apricots, apples and pears bloom but at the party are also invited quince and mulberries, currants and gooseberries, as well as rustic plants such as azerole. In May, however, with the first warmth even pomegranates begin to bloom. Khakis also wake up and soon after kiwis, well clinging to their arbors. Berries such as raspberries and blueberries awaken from their hibernation, while in the hills the bees feast on nectar during the brief but intense flowering of the chestnut tree.

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