…Walking, cycling, horseback riding on over than 600 kilometres on ancient streets alongside rivers, century-old railways fallen into disuse, suggestive spiritual walks, horse trails that twist and turn throughout hills and vineyards, sinuous rivers and unique water cities: this is Green tour – verde in movimento!

This initiative is a territorial regeneration project focused on psychophysical wellness and health that will allow you to appreciate a ring-shaped network of nature paths, passing by magical places such as Venice; enjoying the works of great men, such as the villas designed by Andrea Palladio in the surroundings of Vicenza; and contemplating the thriving nature alongside the banks of the Po River or in the Mincio Regional Park.

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Active areas

The Treviso-Vicenza-Ostiglia cycle lane

Today you have the chance to make the cycleway even greener, leaving it better than you found it: grow your tree by its side.

The Ring of the Euganean Hills

You can help to create a territory where mankind is even more in harmony with nature.

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