Many people, when looking at a forest, only see an ensemble of trees. This is not the case of the team of Natura7. Indeed, when they look at a forest, they see an adventure where you can look for things that are impossible to find in books; they do not just see the apparent calm of the patient trees and do not just hear the silence or the light sounds muffled by the soil covered with moss, instead they see the constant and tireless work of the trees that protect the streets from rock falls and they hear the breath of each single leaf, oxygen for life.

Natura7’s love is an unconditional love, the love of people who believe in the value of diversity: Natura7 loves the dense mountain forest, theatre of legends and stories; loves lowland forests, home for birds and roe deer.

Natura7 is the project of responsible forest management, based on the belief that every day spent walking in a forest is a good day. Its objective? To protect and take care of forests, so that the future will have good days in store for us, walking surrounded by trees every day we desire it, forever.

Active forest areas

Nico Forest

Bosco Nico is a forestation project of an agricultural area that has a dual purpose: to increase the forest area of eastern Veneto and to provide a forest for the production of food of forest origin such as fruit and wild berries.

Ralser Forest

Discover the forest that works for our well-being.

Kotlack Forest

Immerse yourself in the magical paths of the Monte Corno Nature Park

Sacile Forest

In Carlino, in the Province of Udine, you can find Sacile Forest: one of the ancient forests of the Pianura Padana.

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