Bandiziol and Prassaccon Forests

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It’s not by chance that many artists, poets and thinkers used to look for inspiration in nature: Gaugin travelled to Tahiti looking for the lost paradise, Thoreau decided to live for two years on the side of a hill covered with pine forests, while Buddha used to sit beside the river contemplating the flow of life.

It’s not by chance that, when life around us is too chaotic and noisy, there is no better solution than immersing ourselves in nature to observe the flight of a bird or to listen the sound of our thoughts.

If you want to relax and escape the frenzy of everyday life, try to explore the paths of the Bandiziol and Prassaccon Forests. You can walk or cycle,  to discover how pleasant it is, while stopping from time to time at the birdwatching spots next to the small lake, in the shade of oak, elm and ash trees. These forests, as wide as 200 football pitches, represent the widest lowland forests of Eastern Veneto and were planted in 1994-1997 thanks to a project of the Municipality of San Stino di Livenza. Today, in their lush nature, they can host cultural events, educational activities, sports and recreational activities: well-being assured!

Photo © Giulia Corradini


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