Bosco Limite


Once upon a time, there was a very energetic child whose name was Lucio. Every day, Lucio tormented his good father, Pio: “Daddy, Daddy, let’s go playing in the forest!” but Pio had to farm corn in the fields around the house and therefore, even if he liked going into the woods too, he was often obliged to postpone “not today, Lucio, I’m sorry”.

“Come on Daddy, we can have picnic, pick up mushrooms, cool our feet down in the stream and look at the animals! Last time, we saw a woodcock!”. After a few years, Lucio grew up, but he did not give up: at a certain point, he also told his friends that there was a popular saying that goes “if we can’t bring Pio to the forest, then we must bring the forest to Pio!”.

And so… He did it! He really did it! He insisted so much that now, when Pio looks out of the window early in the morning, instead of staring at the corn, he sees… a forest!

And this is how Bosco Limite, the forest that stands next to Pio’s house, was born. Planted by Lucio and the hundreds of people of the WOWnature community, the forest has now everything you need: tables and benches for picnics, mushrooms, animals, a beekeeper producing delicious honey… and that’s not all! Bosco Limite is a very unique forest: thanks to a 1 kilometer-long system of channels, the forest recharges the groundwater which thousands of people in the Po Valley depend on. Can you believe that, while you were reading this text, the forest has infiltrated more than 800 litres of clean water into the aquifer?

What are you waiting for? Come visit the forest, and sometimes you can even see woodcocks!

This forest is part of the Lowland Forest Association.


This is a FSC®certified area: FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability.
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The next planting event is scheduled for Saturday, March 26, 2022 at 2:30 p.m. or, in the event of rain, Sunday, March 27, 2022, also at 2:30 p.m.


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WOW stories

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