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If there is a place on Earth where you can feel magic, it would surely be the Monte Corno Natural Park. Within it, there is a small village called Trodena, that has been a refreshment area for many travellers headed for the Fiemme Valley. Trodena is also the caretaker of many legends from the past, such as the legend of the eremite Pan Oansiedl, or the one of the spiteful “Steffa-Mandl”, a wizard who used to have fun by using magic on the women of the village.

And those who think that magic is something of the past are very much mistaking: in these mountains, humans and nature still live in harmony, like in fairy tales, on tiny houses on soft lawns at the edges of enchanted forests. There are many who, once they set their eyes on the variety of shapes and colours of the larch, fir and beech forests, never want to leave: the white hare, which is always full of energy, and the lazy dormouse, just to mention a couple of them. Similarly, there is also the woodpecker and the salamander who have decided to live here, enjoying the sight of the men that still extract resin from the trees today, gently and with gratitude, to perfume their houses and drinks.

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