Pine Forest of Eraclea Mare

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Are you into cycle tourism and can’t stand the city smog anymore? Then, a good day in the Pine Forest of Eraclea Mare is what you need!

Indeed, there is no better place if you want to immerse yourself in nature and forget about the stress of urban life during the first days of summer: all you will see are it’s trees, birds and dunes; all you will hear are the sounds of waves; while the gentle breeze caresses you and mixes the fragrance of the sea with the fragrance of the pine resin.

However, be careful, don’t leave your snacks unguarded: the area is inhabited by many migrating birds that, after a long flight, may find your sandwich very interesting!

Photo © Giulia Corradini

Services: Equipped beach, Cycle lane
Activities: Cycling, Running, Bathing

Always open

PROJECT: Lowland Forestry Association | AFP