The Treviso-Vicenza-Ostiglia cycle lane

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In order to really appreciate the finer details of some places, you should explore them slowly, immerse yourself in their essence, admire the mystery of the lives that weave together in the streets of the villages. The Veneto Region is, without a doubt, one of these places and, biking along the new Treviso-Vicenza-Ostiglia green bike lane – a magnificent path that twists and turns within the immense Po Valley – is for sure one of the best ways to appreciate it. Abandon yourself to the wise and unhurried rhythm of this ancient and “worth-discovering” land.

And today, you also have the possibility to leaving this cycle lane even greener than you found it: by growing your tree along it’s the lane-side. This would make it cooler in summer days, benefitting all the sportsmen and women that utilise it every day; and this would make the area healthier for all its inhabitants as more trees means cleaner air; and you will make this land more beautiful and attractive for tourists and travellers, but at the same time cozy, and safe, for the thousands of tiny birds whose songs will accompany you while biking. And you will do your part in fighting climate change because trees capture CO2 and favour sustainable mobility and tourism.


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