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When talking about humans, we all know very well how a new-born child, a teenager or a 20-year-old looks like. But have you ever wondered how a new-born, teenage or mature forest look like? If now your curiosity has taken over and you can’t help but wanting to discover it, grab your bike and go for a cycle tourism trip on the venetian coast!

You can start your journey from San Stino di Livenza, where you will find two newly planted forests: the Trieste and Triestina forests. Luckily, as opposed to new-born babies, they will not cover you in saliva, don’t be afraid!

Then, move to Meolo, where you will find the Belvedere Forest, that is almost 20 years old. The adolescence, the time for juvenile rebellion, is gone by now: therefore, you can easily walk among its oaks and hornbeams without being deafened by rock music (of course, adolescent forests too love listening to rock music at full volume!).

For the last stop of your trip, we propose the Canoro Forest in San Michele al Tagliamento or the Baseleghe Forest in Bibione: two forests that have already passed their thirties… but, precisely as your over-thirty friends, are in their prime.


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PROJECT: Lowland Forestry Association | AFP