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Absorb air pollution with trees

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4.50 Kg of CO2
Its fruits for hundreds of years have supported the Mediterranean peoples.
from 34,00 
3.00 Kg of CO2
A typical Mediterranean shrub, because of its colors it has become a symbol of the Italian tricolor.
from 26,00 
3.00 Kg of CO2
Tree with a very ancient origin, dating as far back as the Bronze Age.
from 40,00 
1.20 Kg of CO2
It produces small edible berries rich in healing properties.
from 19,00 
1.00 Kg of CO2
It produces berries extremely rich in vitamin C.
from 19,00 
trees planted
forests managed
Kg/Co2 offset
forest lovers
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trees planted
forests managed
Kg/Co2 offset
forests lovers
WOW partners

What makes us unique


We take care of forests in the areas you love the most. Adopt or gift a tree, and experience planting it with your own hands.


Our goal is to restore the balance between people and nature. We carefully select areas where action is most needed and then plant according to nature's rhythms.


Etifor, creator of WOWnature, is a University of Padua spin-off that translates scientific knowledge into positive impacts for the environment and the community.


When you see the FSC® label, it implies that the forest is being responsibly managed in compliance with strict environmental, social, and economic standards.


Our partners

Improve your environmental impact and involve customers, employees, and your community. Choose from a wide range of national and international projects adhering to the strictest standards of responsible forest management.

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