Nature is good for you. Take care of it.

Nature is good for you. Take care of it.

Grow or gift a tree

Adopt the species you prefer in the area you love!

Reduce your impacts

Protect an adult tree and lift your environmental footprint.

Discover where you can grow a WOW tree

Alta Badia

Support the rebirth of Alta Badia’s forests and help mitigate the effects of the climate crisis!

Burkina Faso

With Risorsa Terra you adopt a tree and we will teach the women of Burkina Faso how to transform its products into a source of subsistence for the whole village.


Growing a tree in the Sette Comuni Plateau means giving this place back to history, lovers and poetry.

The Treviso-Vicenza-Ostiglia cycle lane

Today you have the chance to make the cycleway even greener, leaving it better than you found it: grow your tree by its side.

Did you know that…

Each Italian citizen emits on average 5000kg of CO2 per year.

One tree captures, in its lifetime, about 700kg of CO2

If you want to balance your CO2emissions, you should plant 7 trees each year.

The perfect gift? A tree.

Without physical contact, without moving from home… but full of love ❤


growing new trees and taking care of the existing ones is fundamental for our wellbeing. However, admiring them from the screen is not enough, we invite you to go out and immerse yourself in our forests.

The partners

that take care of nature and fight the climate crisis with us