Communicate environmental sustainability

We work with you to develop a green marketing strategy that transforms your environmental commitment into added value for your brand. Our goal is to help your company effectively communicate the projects you support in a fair and engaging manner, integrating them as a key component of your overall communication strategy.


Good reasons to do it

Green marketing at the heart of your company’s strategy

Green marketing has become a crucial strategic choice for companies today. Embracing an environmentally responsible approach can set a brand apart and lead to positive reputation and economic benefits.

The connection between consumers and sustainability is becoming more important.

In Italy, 74% of consumers expect brands to be clear and transparent about their sustainability policies*. This trend highlights the significance of clearly communicating environmental efforts and commitments, making sustainability an appealing selling point for the public.
*Think with Google, 2022

Beyond ethics, a smart choice

Adopting environmentally friendly practices can lead to substantial long-term savings through energy efficiency and reduced reliance on raw materials.

Strengthen your company's positive reputation

Strengthening your company's positive reputation is crucial in today's business landscape. As companies are being increasingly judged by their sustainable practices, implementing green marketing strategies is essential for improving brand perception. This confirms that sustainability is not just an ethical choice, but also an investment aligned with market demands and social expectations.


Our team is here to support you throughout your communication journey.

WOWnature is dedicated to helping your company to communicate, educate, involve, and motivate toward a more sustainable future for everyone.


At your company's side

Avoid Greenwashing

We share our guidelines to ensure that your company’s message is consistent and effective. Transparent communication is the key to avoid greenwashing and maintain a positive reputation for your company.

Digital Communication

We support you in telling the story of your company’s commitment to nature. In harmony with your editorial plan, we identify communication opportunities to create quality news and content on your channels.


We organize events where you will have the opportunity to plant trees for your company. These events involve partners, institutions, and all the people who contribute to supporting the projects. You will have the opportunity to physically invest in tree planting and create authentic content to engage your network.

Updates From Your Forest

The story of your forest gets interesting over time. From your account profile and via a dedicated newsletter, you will receive regular updates on the health of your forest.

Share Trees

The beauty of having a company forest is being able to share it. Your company can choose to give the trees as gifts to employees, customers, and stakeholders. Make a sustainable gift to communicate your company’s commitment to the future of nature and people in an effective and lasting way.


Start the journey of environmental
responsibility with your company.

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