What is WOWnature?

WOWnature is:

  • A portal that allows you to support projects that improve the environment where we live;
  • A place where nature-lovers, managers of green areas and companies and organizations can meet to join forces and make our territory more sustainable;
  • A space for people who want to immerse themselves in nature and discover what forèstasi really means!

What can I do on WOWnature?

On WOWnature, you can be good for nature and leave it better than you found it!

How? By growing a tree, supporting a WOW area or simply spending some time outdoors reading our blog =)

What’s the difference between “grow a tree” and “compensate your CO2”?

Different natural areas have different needs. In some parts of the world, creating new forests is what is needed; in others, instead, it is necessary to take care of existing forests.

For this reason, we wanted to give you the possibility to do both:

  • By adopting a tree in the section “grow a tree”, you are supporting the planting and management of a new tree that, together with other young trees, will create a new forest;
  • By adopting a tree in the section “compensate your CO2”, you are supporting the person that takes care of grown trees in a forest that already exists, thus supporting its protection and maintenance. This very important work because forests are subjected to risks: in the absence of someone taking care of them actively, damaging events (such as forest fires, windthrow, etc.) are more likely and can lead, other than to the death of the trees themselves, to the loss of their benefits (for instance, by releasing the CO2 the tree had absorbed in its lifetime back into the atmosphere).

How will my money be used?

Your contribution will be used to support the entire process of growing the tree, which is composed of different phases: the study of the best technical and scientific solutions for each forest; cleaning and preparation of the areas that will be planted; growth of the tree in the nursery, planting and maintenance of the new forest; restoration of access paths or small walkways, rest areas and information panels if needed.

What will I receive for my contribution?

If you choose to grow a new tree, you will receive your personalized certificate of adoption together with the e-mail that confirms your order. After that, if it is planned for the area you chose (it is not possible to do it everywhere), you will  be invited to the planting day, when you will have the possibility to plant your tree. If you are not be able to participate, don’t worry: we will take care of everything and let you know where your tree will be planted.

If you choose to adopt an adult tree to compensate CO2, you will receive the certificate of adoption together with the e-mail that confirms the order. We remind you that, in this case, the tree is already in the forest and, therefore, does not need to be planted; thus, there will not be a planting day but we will keep you periodically updated on the status of both the project, the forest and your tree.

If you have not received the email or the certificate, or if you need to modify your certificate, contact us through this form”

Can I gift somebody with a tree?

Sure! Growing a tree is a unique emotion and a perfect gift for every occasion. During the final step of your order you will have to indicate that you intend to gift somebody with the tree: then, you will have the possibility to insert the name of the person who will receive the tree and a short dedication. Be aware that the certificate and all the information related to the tree you chose, for privacy reasons, will always be sent to the email indicated during the purchase process.

If you forgot to indicate that you need a personalized certificate for your gift, contact us at info@wownature.eu.

How can I be kept up-to-date about WOWnature?

“If you adopted a tree through our website, you joined our community and will receive, via e-mail, periodical updates. If you want to be kept updated but you have not supported any of our projects, you just need one click: sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!”

Who checks on how my trees, or the forest in general, is doing?

The new forests we create will have a Forest Management Plan, valid for ten years and approved by the Region, that will define the activities needed for the forest to grow properly. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with Etifor’s forestry experts, we will guide forest managers and forest owners towards the FSC® Forest Management Certification, which ensures that certified forests or plantations are managed in the full respect of strict environmental, social and economic standards.  Discover more about FSC.

Compensate your CO2 | how does compensation work?

If you choose to support the creation of a new forest today, the young trees will absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide) by growing, i.e. in the next 30, 50, 100 years. Instead, if you choose to take care of and protect grown-up trees, you are contributing to the conservation of a benefit that already exists, but that needs to be protected so that it will not be cancelled or dispersed as a consequence of unwanted events (such as forest fires, windthrows, diseases, etc.).

Therefore, if you want to compensate the CO2 you emitted until today, now you have the possibility to a tree that has absorbed the CO2 in the same period of time, namely until today, and to prevent this precious benefit from being lost.

GROW A TREE | How do you choose the trees?

All our plants are local and native plants; we never use ornamental or alien species because our goal is to value and preserve the unique local biodiversity of each territory. The trees are planted and maintained in collaboration with forest owners and local companies, for this reason the origin of the single plants depends on the area that needs to be planted.

Up until the day of planting, the plants will remain in nurseries where they can grow, protected and cuddled by expert personnel. The nurseries provide us with the plants’ “passports”, which is the document that guarantees the good health and the provenance of the tree. Once these documents are prepared and the plant is tall enough, we will start the real afforestation.

Discover more by reading our supplementary detailed material:

  • Where do our trees come from and how ?
  • How do we choose our trees?

GROW A TREE | When will the trees be planted?

In Europe, The best time to plant trees in Europe is from October to march, with a break during winter months due to snow and cold temperatures. On the contrary, in many tropical countries, trees are planted before the rainy season begins. People who adopted a tree with WOWnature will be promptly informed about the period of planting and about the activities related to the supported project as soon as our experts have defined the right moment considering also the features of the area.

Etifor (owner of WOWnature) is committed to tree-planting within 24 months from the user’s purchase, as indicated in the Terms and Conditions accessible on this link.

GROW A TREE | Who plants our trees?

Trees are planted and maintained in collaboration with forest owners and local companies. People who adopted the trees will be promptly informed about the period of planting and about the events dedicated to the initiative they have supported.

GROW A TREE | How will I know which is my plant?

Each plant has a unique-tree-code that distinguishes it from the others. When we plant the trees in the area you supported, we will send you the GPS coordinates of the area.

CHECK-OUT | How can I pay?

At the moment, you can pay with credit card and Paypal. We remind you that it is not necessary to have a Paypal account to pay via Paypal.

CHECK-OUT | Is the payment safe?

Yes, our website is safe!

To begin with, we use the HTTPS protocol, a safe and certified variant of the HTTP, the protocol that is usually used in the it. Moreover, an SSL certificate is active on the website and we only use guaranteed and controlled payment methods for your orders. SSL is the abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer, a security protocol that creates cryptographed link between  server and browser. This link ensures that all the data that are exchanged between the server and the browser remain private and intact.

CHECK-OUT | Can I cancel the order or be reimbursed?

You can cancel the order in the checkout phase, before finalising the payment, without any problem.

The Consumer Code does not include a right to withdrawal because on wownature.eu services, and not material products, are purchased: therefore, we cannot guarantee any reimbursement for your contribution in support of our reforestation and environmental projects.

If you would like to know more about the terms of sale, please read carefully the Terms and Conditions accessible at the following link:

INVOICING | Can I reclaim my tax contribution?

We are sorry but you cannot reclaim your tax contribution because limited liability companies do not fall into categories of organizations under which you can claim tax rebates.

If, for this reason, you cannot support directly our projects, don’t worry: you can support us by promoting the project! We can change the world, bottom-up, by word of mouth and changing the world is exactly our goal =)

INVOICING | Will I get a receipt or invoice?

The new Italian tax legislation obliges the provision of an electronic document that will be directly sent to the Fiscal Information Exchange System (FIES). Invoices and receipts will be issued and directly uploaded to your Tax Box.

Therefore, check carefully the data and report possible errors to us.

We remind you that you cannot reclaim your tax contribution because charitable donations are voluntary donations of money or goods in favour of non-governmental organizations, non-profits organizations and cultural institutions in general. Therefore, our company, being a limited liability company, does not fall into these categories.

ASSISTANCE | Who can I contact if I have technical problems with the website?

To report possible technical problems, contact us through the online form or call us at +39 3425050297 (from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm, Italian time) specifying that you need technical assistance for the WOWnature website.

ASSISTANCE | How can I contact you?

If you have any questions or doubts, write to us through the online form or call us on +39 342 5050297 (from Monday to Friday, 10-13 and 14-17, Italian time) specifying that you need assistance with WOWnature.

If you are the owner or manager of a green area and want to join our portal, contact us through the form on this dedicated webpage www.wownature.eu/en/do-you-own-a-green-area

If you are a company or an organization and want to collaborate with us, contact us through the form on this dedicated webpage www.wownature.eu/en/for-business

Do you have a green area?

Can I have my area included on WOWnature?

Are you the owner or manager, either public or private, of:

  • Green areas to be
  • Land to be afforested
  • Abandoned natural areas

and you want to value to your land with respect for nature?

If so, we are looking for you!

Apply through this dedicated form, we will contact you if your area can be included on our portal!

What does becoming a WOW area mean?

If you join our initiative you will allow companies, associations and private citizens to support your area and you can use your part of the funds to implement the restoration, enhancement and management activities of the green area.

Moreover, you will have 3 additional benefits:

You will be in contact with a community of people that love nature and that are ready to appreciate and give value to your area.

You will have a tailored web space to give your area the visibility it deserves and to easily manage your activities.

Quality and sustainability
You will get  expert advice from the Etifor team to guide you along the path towards environmental and economic sustainability

Find out more in the dedicated page on our website.

How can we help you?

We favour investments and activities to enhance your area by supporting the following actions:

  • Afforestation design and implementation
  • Maintenance of infrastructures (information panels, paths, etc.)
  • Forest planning and FSC® certification
  • Communication and promotion on WOWnature channels

Find out more on our dedicated website page

Do you own a company?

What is a “WOW partner?”

It’s what we call companies/organizations/institutions that support our projects.

Our Partners have dedicated webpages where they can showcase the projects they realized together with WOWnature. Moreover, they have the possibility to collaborate with our editorial staff to create customized contents for our blog.

Contact us to know more or find out more by reading the dedicated webpage.

What can a company do on WOWnature?

Private companies, associations and organizations can join WOWnature for several reasons: for supporting an existing project, either on their own or in partnership, or for sharing their initiatives and launching new proposals!

Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with Etifor, you will have a specialized team in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at hand, for an expert consultancy. Request it now or find out more by reading the page dedicated to our partners.

My organization is not a private company, can I become a Partner of WOWnature anyway?

Of course!

If you want to find out more, we recommend you to directly contact our team by filling in the online form.

What kind of consultancy does WOWnature offer businesses?

Thanks to the collaboration with Etifor, you can require targeted consultancies on the following topics: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainable investments, green branding and green marketing, FSC® certification.

Require a consultancy through this form and find out more in the webpage dedicated to partners and on www.etifor.com