Corporate and team building events

If you’re looking for an initiative to bring value to your network and to nature, you’ve come to the right place. Our forests grow worldwide, near your company. Support a WOWnature forest and take part in the event to plant your new trees.

 Take care of the land near your headquarters and spend a day in nature, together with customers, employees, and stakeholders to create stronger bonds.

We are ready to guide you in creating a tailor-made event. It is designed to generate a positive and lasting impact on the environment and your team.

We manage every aspect of the organization, offering a complete service.


Private event

If you are looking for a moment entirely dedicated to your company, we will be happy to guide you through an experience in nature. Depending on your needs, you may decide to involve the people who work with you and who choose you for your products and services every day.

Involve your team in your corporate CSR strategy through a shared day out of the office. Experience a day in the forest and make your team more united. Through outdoor activities you can reinforce corporate values and increase the sense of belonging in your employees. Together we can discover how simple it is to make concrete gestures for the planet.

Share your environmental responsibility journey with your customers and stakeholders as well, to renew the trust that unites you. It will be an opportunity to communicate your values and meet in person.


Public event

Want to plant your trees in person and share this moment with the whole community? Attend events open to the public and find out how we engage citizens and local governments to plant new trees.


Start the journey of environmental
responsibility with your company.

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