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This Cookie Policy should be understood as an integral part of the Privacy Policy of this website.

Our website makes use of cookies to ensure that you enjoy the website and have a better browsing experience. We also use cookies to analyze our traffic, personalize content and ads, and interact with social media.

Cookies are small text files stored on users’ terminals by the server of the website they are visiting. They contain information related to the user’s browsing that can be read by the server that sent them in subsequent browsing sessions.

  • Technical cookies: these are used to perform computer authentication, session monitoring and storage of specific information about users accessing a web page. These cookies are often useful, because they can make browsing and using the web faster and faster, as they intervene to facilitate certain procedures.
  • Function cookies: they allow the site to remember the choices made by the user (for example, the language or the geographic area in which they are located) and repropose them at subsequent accesses in order to provide better and personalized services (for example, they can be used to propose content similar to that previously requested by the user).
  • Statistical cookies: used by website operators to collect information, in aggregate form, about the number of users and how they visit the site itself and thus to develop general statistics about the service and its use.
  • Profiling cookies: used to monitor and profile users during browsing, study their movements and web browsing or consumption habits, including for the purpose of sending targeted and personalized service advertisements. 

Depending on the entity that installs cookies on the user’s terminal, cookies are distinguished into “first-party” cookies or “third-party” cookies. 

First-party cookies are installed directly by the site operator itself. 

Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are cookies managed by a site other than the one on which the user is browsing but linked to it, for the management of particular types of content. These are usually images, sounds, links or other elements that reside outside the site being visited.

At the first access on this site, the user will find a banner with the short information which contains the link to this extended information. In this extended information the user will find more information about the description and characteristics of the different categories of cookies installed by the Owner and third parties and will have the possibility to decide for himself which of the cookies to authorize. For the use of technical cookies, the user’s consent is not required. For other cookies, however, consent is required. In any case, the user may at any time change his/her preferences regarding cookies, including by denying consent to the use of any cookies (including cookies installed by third parties) on the site.

It is possible for the user to set the Internet browser software (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome) in a way that does not accept cookies, including technical cookies, by enabling so-called anonymous browsing, and in this case, no data will be processed through these systems.

The guidelines of the browser you use to browse contain all the information to enable or block cookies. Below are some quick links to obtain them:

Internet Explorer:

Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome:

Apple Safari:

Should you decide to disable cookies, it is a good idea to take into account their characteristics, to avoid incurring unwelcome changes to the navigation of the site. In particular, the deactivation of technical cookies may prevent the use of certain features of the site.

As highlighted in the table above, this site uses third-party cookies, that is, cookies from sites or web servers other than that of the Owner, used for purposes specific to those third parties, including analytical and profiling cookies. It should be noted that these third parties act as independent data controllers of the data collected through the cookies they send and therefore the user must refer to their personal data processing policies, disclosures and any consent collection forms (selection and de-selection of the respective cookies).

Social buttons are the “buttons” on the site that depict social network icons and allow the user to interact with a “click” directly with social platforms. The social buttons on this site are links that redirect to WOWnature Project accounts on the social networks depicted. The links are provided where the user can view the privacy policy regarding data management by the social networks to which the buttons refer:

For any further information and/or to exercise any of the rights granted to you under EU Regulation No. 679/2006 (“GDPR”), please review our Privacy Policy and contact us at the following e-mail address:

Last updated August 15, 2022

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