Net Zero

Do you aspire to develop more effective strategies to deal with the climate crisis?
Let us create a customized project for you. In addition to growing new forests and protecting existing ones, we can help you reduce your company’s impacts and guide you on a transformative journey.


Carbon Neutrality, Net zero or Climate positive?

Reduce your emissions with MARC, our approach to offset your impacts.

Do you have more ambitious goals for your company and growing a forest is not enough?
We can walk you through a customized climate pathway from measuring emissions, through reducing them, to offsetting with WOWnature.


The comprehensive, tailor-made path for companies that start with measuring CO2 emissions to assess the company's carbon footprint and set precise reduction targets


MARC provides for the development of effective strategies for reducing emissions, defined based on the specificities of each business. Finally, for the percentage of emissions that cannot be eliminated, we propose offsetting solutions linked to certified WOWnature reforestation and forest protection projects.


Along the way, we support your company in related communication activities to spread your commitment. Choosing MARC means embarking on a journey toward sustainability, with the security of expert, personalized support every step of the way.


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Nature Positive Strategies: protect biodiversity with LUCAS, the pathway for those who want to go further.

If zeroing in on your climate impact is not enough for you, but you want to set goals and strategies that consider nature across the board, then LUCAS is the approach for you. The LUCAS approach is the solution for companies that want to neutralize their environmental impact and at the same time become protagonists of positive change for nature. LUCAS offers a "Nature Positive" approach: it encourages companies to develop strategies to improve biodiversity, water management, and overall ecosystem health. Beginning with a thorough analysis of business impacts, LUCAS guides companies in establishing practices that turn ecological challenges into opportunities for responsible growth.

Adopting LUCAS means committing to a path that is not limited to offsetting negative impacts, but aims to generate real and measurable added value for the environment, promoting a business vision that recognizes the interdependence between economic success and ecological well-being.


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Start the journey of environmental
responsibility with your company.

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