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Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

A social reforestation project that allows you to adopt species critical to village livelihoods and to make the local community self-sufficient.

In Burkina Faso, despite facing challenges such as famine, drought, and desertification, which lead to high infant mortality rates and limited access to education, women play a vital role as the backbone of rural communities and constitute the majority of the workforce.


We are implementing a social reforestation scheme that involves planting tree species crucial for generating a sustainable income: Baobab, Shea, Moringa, and Neré. These trees produce nuts and fruits that can be processed into marketable flours and oils to be sold both to the food and cosmetic industries. They also provide shade, boost soil humidity, and counter desertification.


Indeed, the people who are taking care of the trees are all women of the Union de Femmes of Garango. This local self-help group is responsible for planting and caring for the trees, in order to counter the climate crisis and increase economic independence.


Thanks to AES-CCC, an Italian NGO, this initiative is part of a project funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. A crucial step was made when many products got the ECOCERT certification and also the WFTO certification for fair-trade, in order to find new sales and distribution channels in Europe as well, particularly for cosmetic-related products such as shea butter, baobab oil, and moringa oil.


By choosing one of our trees, you will be helping nature and local communities.

The next planting day is scheduled for summer of 2023.

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56 Kg CO2
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Popularly known as the "Tree of Life" for its healing and therapeutic effects.
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55 Kg CO2
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"Butter Tree" known worldwide for the produce made from the pressing of its seeds.
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21 Kg CO2
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African "Miracle Tree", rich in beneficial properties.
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74 Kg CO2
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African locust bean grown mainly for its pods, a source of income for the locals.
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