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Did you know that:

  • 50% of the edible fruits comes from trees;
  • Food security for about 250 million people who live in poverty depends on trees;
  • Forests provide drinking water for more than 1/3 of the big cities of the world
  • About 2,4 billion people use wood for fuel to cook and keep warm

(source: The State of the World’s Forests 2018)

This is the reason why our team believes so deeply in the Project “RISORSA TERRA”. Development, transfer and adaptation of good practices for food security of children and mothers in the southern regions of Burkina Faso”.

Choosing one of our trees means helping not only nature but also local communities!

Grow your favourite tree and we will take care of it and teach local women in Burkina Faso how to transform its products into a source of subsistence for the whole village. From shea butter to Moringa flour, each one of our trees has a story to tell and many lives to save.

Up to now, 2200 trees have been planted. Thanks to you we hope we can get to 10000!


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PROJECT: Risorsa Terra