CO2 sequestration 2.900 Kg
The trees you're growing 100
Protected areas 0

Begreentelligent means union, a pun to express a deep philosophy. Commitment, first of all, but also knowledge, curiosity, respect, sharing, good and healthy products. Begreentelligent was born to tell the story of nature, to value agricultural work, and share knowledge about food.


The goal is to boost participatory agriculture, where everyone can, even remotly, adopt plants and crops. Like this, people can actively improve the environment, and the growth of the products that they will consume. We like to imagine a world in which the well-being of people and nature can grow together. The adoption of a plant is a way to bring people closer to the Earth. Involvement and awareness are key for respecting nature.


The collaboration with WOWnature stems from the desire to contribute to the welfare of the planet: for this reason we decided to support two food forests: Bosco Nico, the first food forest in Veneto, and the one in Burkina Faso. Commitment to the reduction of CO2 emissions that also derive from our daily consumption habits is a gesture that makes us feel part of a broader scope.

Supported areas

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Bosco Nico