Nico Forest


Bosco Nico is a forestation project of an agricultural area that has a dual purpose: to increase the forest area of eastern Veneto and to provide a forest for the production of food of forest origin such as fruit and wild berries. In other words: Bosco Nico is the first food forest in Veneto, a permanent forest open to the whole community that will provide edible species for man and fauna, 365 days a year.

Bosco Nico was also born from the need to create new green areas in the Veneto plain: the demand for green areas and activities related to the recreational use of forests and woods has increased in the last decade in the face of a growing perception of the scarcity of such places. The concentration of the population in large urban centers and the scarcity of lowland forests are the main reasons for the increase in this demand.

Bosco Nico is located in a territorial context suitable to mitigate the impact created by cementification and pollution; it will be located near the Cessalto road exit, i.e. south of the industrial area immediately adjacent to the freeway, ensuring easy access and good visibility of the forest. Moreover, given the presence of another forest, namely “Bosco Olmé”, it was decided to place Bosco Nico in continuity with the existing forest, in order to make the wooded area wider.


The last planting was on Friday, November 19, 2021.

Watch the Facebook live and photos of the last planting event.

PROJECT: Natura7

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WOW stories

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