Parco Fiume Brenta


There are some places that, although they have always been part of our life, never stop to amaze us. Places that we thought we knew, but that always reserve us new surprises: the Brenta River is like this, always the same but at the same time always different, as well as the crystal clear water that flows through it.

The Parco Fiume Brenta is a familiar place, where we can immerse ourselves in nature and share moments of serenity with family or friends, walking or cycling along the long paths that wind alongside the river; but at the same time it is a place to be discovered, on horseback or by canoe, finding small corners of paradise, hidden among the trees, where you can cool off on hot summer days.

A very important place not only for us, that we can escape from the frenzy of the city and reconnect with nature, but also for the many inhabitants of the ecosystem – animals, fish, plants – and therefore protected. From today, you can also contribute to the protection and improvement of this special place: grow your tree next to the Brenta River!

For further information on the area of ​​the Middle Brenta, on the animals and plants that you can meet us and on active projects, visit the website of the Brenta River Park Project.



Next planting is scheduled for the fall of 2021.


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