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Making the city healthier, safer and more resilient and protecting the health of citizens are paramount objectives for the Municipality of Padova. This is why Padova accepted a new challenge to bring nature and biodiversity back to the city: improving air quality and the quality of life by growing 10,000 new trees, together with citizens, companies and associations, in an area made available by the Municipality and as wide as 12 football pitches.

Did you know that 8 new trees can capture the PM10 emitted by one car in a year? And that urban trees contribute to reducing the effects of heat waves in summer?

For each area, a public event has been organized to give all the supporters the possibility to plant their own trees. If you are going to support the project now, after trees have been planted, you will receive the certificate of adoption and you can follow the growth of the forest through our updates or visiting the area that can thrive thanks to your support too.

In this page, in the section “active forest areas”, you can adopt your tree in one of the following parts of the city:

  • Chiesanuova (completed – public planting day on 08.02.2020)
  • Mortise (completed – public planting day on 26.10.2019)
  • Arcella (completed – public planting day on 07.12.2019)
  • Pontevigodarzere (completed – public planting day on 07.12.2019)
  • Altichiero (completed – public planting day on 26.10.2019)
  • Torre (completed – public planting day on 07.12.2019)
  • Ponte di Brenta (completed – public planting day on 07.12.2019)
  • Voltabarozzo (completed – public planting day on 08.02.2020)

Active forest areas


Grow a tree in Voltabarozzo to bring biodiversity back to the city of Padua.


Would you like to make Torre a better place? Choose your favourite tree and we will take care of everything!


AcegasApsAmga has chosen to join the Padova O2 project to bring back greenery and biodiversity in the city.


Grow a new tree in Altichiero! With your help we’ll improve the territory by taking care of it.


Choose the tree you prefer from those available and make Pontevigodarzere greener!

Ponte di Brenta

Improve the air quality in Ponte di Brenta by choosing to grow a tree here.


AcegasApsAmga participates in the Padova O2 project to bring make Padova greener. Support the initiative!


You want to make Arcella a better neighborhood and you want a greener, healthier and more beautiful city?

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