TEDxCortina is a project born in 2017 with the desire to contaminate the splendid Dolomite ecosystem by sharing innovative and valuable ideas. Every year through thinkers, innovators and experts give voice to different themes: from medicine to technology, from art to economy.

They have always been committed to creating a positive impact on the territory, through the development of synergies between the protagonists of the event, the community and all stakeholders in the Cortina area, and the promotion of issues related to sustainability.

One of the objectives of TEDxCortina is the promotion of the “Circular Economy”, with the aim of bringing participants closer to and raising awareness of the concept of circularity of an asset through ad hoc initiatives. This year, they decided to renew their commitment to the territory and the environment by supporting WOWnature. The synergy of values and objectives has made it inevitable that they have chosen to join such an important initiative, which will make it possible to plant 30 Moringa trees in Burkina Faso and thus minimise part of the impact of the event.

Active forest areas

Burkina Faso

With Risorsa Terra you adopt a tree and we will teach the women of Burkina Faso how to transform its products into a source of subsistence for the whole village.