Levico Acque

Water drunk more reverently still, from the hands or from the spring itself, diffuses within us the most secret salt of earth and the rain of heaven” [Marguerite Yourcenar]

This is exactly what Levico has always brought into our homes: simple, pure and light gestures. And this is the very reason why, when drinking Levico Water, it feels like being there, surrounded by the high mountains and forests of Trentino, cradled by birdsong and the fragrances of flowers, while the crystal waters of the stream calmly flow next to you creating visual effects of lights, colours and glares…

But pureness, it is known, is fragile, and there is just one way to keep it intact: by taking care of it, respecting nature and the territory as only those who lived there for generations know how to do. This is why Levico has always been committed to collecting and distributing water with a light and delicate touch, minimizing the environmental footprint of the processes. For this reason, Levico uses only returnable glass bottles, that reduces resource use and avoids the production of plastic waste.

From today, moreover, Levico makes its commitment for a better and healthier territory concrete by implementing measures that, precisely as the water of the river, go from the mountains to the sea. They will do this by in the highlands by restoring the Forests of Brennero and Arte Sella, that were damaged by Storm Vaia; in the lowlands, along the Brenta River, by creating new urban forests in Padua with the project PadovaO2; and, lastly, by the sea, in the Venice Lagoon with the Blue Valley project.

Thanks to these projects, and much more, Levico wants to achieve its most ambitious objective: becoming the first Climate Positive Water in Italy.

Active forest areas

Rincine forest – Tuscany hills

Forty kilometers from the historic center of Florence, in a secondary valley of the massif of Mount Falterona, there is an Apennine forest of rare beauty, an exemplary beauty both in terms of landscape and for the social and natural vicissitudes that have affected the central Apennines.

Arte Sella

This valley is known as the place where art merges with the forest but, for those who love it and for those who live in it, it is also much more. Support its rebirth with us.

Ralser Forest

Discover the forest that works for our well-being.

Kotlack Forest

Immerse yourself in the magical paths of the Monte Corno Nature Park


AcegasApsAmga has chosen to join the Padova O2 project to bring back greenery and biodiversity in the city.


Grow a new tree in Altichiero! With your help we’ll improve the territory by taking care of it.

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