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Wild privet

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Privet or privet is a shrubby plant belonging to the Oleaceae family, native to Europe and northern Africa. Don't be fooled by its innocent air due to its fragrant white flowers, because the fruits are poisonous berries.

Scientific name: Ligustrum vulgare
Common name: Wild privet

A member of the Oleaceae family, the privet is widespread throughout Italy. It is an evergreen that grows up to 10 meters in height as well as wide. It has opposite, lance-shaped, dark green leaves that can be deciduous or evergreen depending on the climate. The genus name comes from the Latin ligare, meaning to bind, because of its ability to form dense, hardy hedges.

Want to add a new kind of honey to your collection? Bees love to collect the privet's abundant nectar, producing a honey with a clover-like flavor.

The wood is flexible and used to make woven baskets.

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What makes it unique

1.20 Kg

of CO2 captured over a year

10 meters

reachable height

50 years

maximum life expectancy

Forests where you can grow your own Wild privet, adopting or giving it away.

Le Basse del Brenta
Cartigliano (VI)
Parco del Serio
Romano di Lombardia (BG)
Parco dell’Adda Sud
Lodi (LO)
Parco dell’Amicizia
Tezze sul Brenta (VI)
Parco Oglio Nord
Villachiara (BS)
Riserva Naturale Torbiere del Sebino
Iseo (BS)
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