Why WOWnature?

Because nature never stops amazing us!

Make your city greener, protect forests and reduce your environmental footprint. How?
By growing a tree or supporting a mature forest with us!

Nature makes your life better every day… and you, what do you do for nature?

Three good reasons to exclaim WOW… with us!

You will support the owners of green areas, helping them to manage these areas in the best possible way;
You will improve the environment where you live;
You will have the possibility to experience Forèstasi

From a seed, a tree will grow: this, in itself is a short happy story

WOWnature, powered by Etifor, was born from the minds of a group of creative, nature-loving researchers that were tired of seeing green areas and forests left abandoned or inaccessible. After an incalculable number of hours spent brainstorming, thousands of (just apparently brilliant) intuitions and at least an equal number of coffees, this initiative took shape.

Today, WOWnature is the place where owners of green areas and nature-lovers meet each other to support one another and live new experiences.

Powered by Etifor

It means that we were born from one of their ribs but, Just like , we are much more than that.

Etifor is a spin-off of the University of Padova (i.e. a private company that has the University as one of its shareholders) that turns its accumulated academic knowledge and experience  into concrete solutions to be applied directly in the field.

Thanks to this strong relationship with the University, we can respond to real problems with scientific, effective, and also creative solutions. Moreover, this synergy helps us to be constantly updated as regards the most innovative ideas in the forestry, environmental and social sectors.

Sustainability and FSC® Certification

Etifor is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council®: the international, independent, no-profit organization founded to promote responsible management of forests and forest plantations. When you see this logo in the description of one of WOWnature’s areas, it means that that forest is managed respecting strict standards that ensure a responsible environmental, social and economic management.