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Visit a forest

The Treviso-Vicenza-Ostiglia cycle lane


A wonderful route that winds through the immense Po Valley, which was made even cooler thanks to the planting of trees along its track.

Some places should be experienced slowly, because only in this way you can appreciate the small details, immerse yourself in their essence, and admire the mystery of lives intertwining in the town streets. Veneto is definitely one such place, and cycling through the new Treviso-Vicenza-Ostiglia green bikeway – a wonderful route that winds through the immense Po Valley – is definitely one of the best ways to appreciate it.

Let yourself be carried away by the wise and slow pace of this ancient land, just waiting to be discovered. Every citizen had the chance to make the cycleway even greener, leaving it better than how they found it: by growing a tree along its route. In this way we have made the cycleway cooler on summer days, for the well-being of all sports enthusiasts who use it every day; we have helped make the environment healthier for all people living in the area, because more trees means cleaner air; and ultimately we have made the area more beautiful and attractive to tourists and travelers.

Partner of the forest