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The forests we created and improved

Foresta dei campioni

Cavalesse (TN)

For 2021, we decided to create “The Forest of Champions”: dedicating a part of the magnificent Fiemme Valley forest to our Italian champions.

There is no doubt: 2021 will be remembered as a memorable year for Italian sports. But how much did we win? Practically everything. European soccer championships, European volleyball championships, Marcell Jacobs’ historic Olympic gold in the 100 meters all the way to Maneskin’s victory at Eurovision.

To celebrate this unforgettable 2021 and close the year with another victory, we decided to create “The Forest of Champions”: ours is a tribute to Italy that wins, redeems itself and looks to the future, a gift to that Italy made up of people who feel responsible for the destiny of this wonderful country.

We have chosen to do it in the best way we know how, by dedicating a part of the magnificent forest of Val di Fiemme to our Italian champions. Why precisely the forest of Val di Fiemme, you may be wondering. Because after Storm Vaia, which in 2018 left an indelible wound in the landscape and in the hearts of the people of that valley, all seemed lost. The thousands of fir and larch trees that crashed to the ground, with entire areas of the forest completely razed to the ground, seemed to have wiped out forever the hopes of seeing that forest again as beautiful, healthy and strong as it had always been.

Instead, you came along.

With your support and adoptions we are slowly reforesting Val di Fiemme by planting birch, rowan, ash, stone pine and other species that will make the forest stronger and more resilient, able to withstand other extreme weather events like Vaia.

This is everyone’s victory: it is ours, but it is most of all yours, because with your love of nature you have finally become responsible for a forest and helped build a better world, giving back to nature a part of what it gives us every day.

There are 2021 trees in the Forest of Champions in Val di Fiemme, and every tree adopted by you will be a victory for us. Because only when we are united, when we are a team, can we overcome the greatest challenges.

For Christmas, adopt or give your loved one a tree in the Forest of Champions.

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