Nature Positive.

Stop being a follower, lead the change.

From a crisis to a chance

Climate crisis

biodiversity loss and deforestation are just some of the problems caused by intensive exploitation of natural resources.

Earth Overshoot Day

in 2022 was July 28. Since then, we have been consuming more than what ecosystems can regenerate in a year.


that it was your company that ran out of resources in less than seven months… What would you do? You would roll up your sleeves, for sure! That's why we must take action now, for our Planet.


Forests are ecosystems that can deeply benefit their surroundings and the people who visit them. From biodiversity protection, to air and health improvement, just to name a few.  


Choosing to support a forest with WOWnature project means generating positive and long-lasting impacts. At Etifor, a spin-off of the University of Padua, we work to restore the balance between people and nature. All our projects are based on three pillars that allow each forest to maximize its benefits: science, innovation, and governance.


A revolution is possible,
and it starts from your business

While it is true that every economic activity has an impact on the Planet, it is also true that it is feasible to reduce our ecological footprint.

How come? Becoming a responsible business that can calculate and reduce its impacts. Optimizing resource consumption is key in decreasing our impact on the environment, yet not enough. After years of "exploitation", we need to start giving back to the Earth more than what we are taking.

We need to look at our Planet for what it really is: a network of interconnected ecosystems that influence each other.

Therefore, we need to start considering our impacts on air, water, and biodiversity as a whole. All of our reforestation projects stem from this approach and are designed to last.

Being “neutral” is not enough.

The term "Nature Positive" reminds us that it is not enough to just aim for zero emissions. To be "neutral" is no longer feasible. It is imperative to have positive impacts on the environment, so that nature can continue to sustain future generations and counteract the climate crisis.

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Act now

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