Born in Covid’s darkest hour for Italy, Vinevo is an act of love for the best of Italy, with the goal of telling its truest stories, and making them known beyond our borders. And we have chosen to make them known one sip at a time, with a monthly subscription to wine selections built around the tastes of each customer. Vinevo is in fact an ecommerce platform specializing in food and wine products of excellence Made in Italy: through an algorithm of sensory recommendation we offer monthly subscription packages tailored to the tastes of customers, solving the problem of blind-buying and the safe discovery of new artisanal and sustainable products. To love wine is to love a world and a culture, to love a way of approaching and respecting nature and time, to love diversity and to know how to respect it. For this reason Vinevo was born with the awareness that wine territories must be preserved and safeguarded: only in this way the vine will thrive, ancient vines will find their space again, and the well-cultivated land will give its best fruits which will turn into unforgettable wines.


We collaborate only with producers who make sustainability and attention to the territory a key point of their work, and since the beginning we decided to include in our corporate purpose the purpose of having a positive impact on society and environment. But what we want is that these do not remain just words. We think that the impact of individuals and companies on the planet has reached a point of no return and that to say that we are sustainable is no longer enough. Containing the damage is not enough: we want Vinevo to contribute to building a better and greener planet. We use mostly recycled and recyclable packaging, but inevitably our activities have an environmental impact, mainly related to transport. That’s why we will plant 101 trees and we will take care of them, aiming to be Carbon Positive and go beyond sustainability. These will be 30 maples, 30 cornel trees, 40 hazelnut trees and 1 oak tree in the Fontaniva Forest, a land we have chosen also because it is close to beautiful and important wine areas, Breganze, the Prosecco area, Lessini and, further south, Colli Euganei. So that the wine that arrives in our glasses will taste even better.

Supported areas

Bosco Fontaniva

Fontaniva (PD)
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