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Bosco WWF di Vanzago

Vanzago (MI)

If you walk through this forest, you cannot help but notice some tree species typical of the ancient Po Valley environment, which turns stunning in the flowering seasons.

Bosco WWF di Vanzago (Vanzago WWF Forest) is located in the Province of Milan and its territory is included in the Municipalities of Vanzago, Pogliano Milanese and Arluno. It covers an area of 12 hectares and the environment is typical of lowland forests, with bodies of water of varying depths, a habitat rich in stable meadows, hedges, rows of trees, and tree belts. If you walk through this forest, you cannot help but notice some tree species typical of the ancient Po Valley environment: ancient durmast oaks, common oaks, elms, field maples, white hornbeams, linden trees, wild cherry trees, and chestnut trees. An environment that turns stunning in the flowering seasons. Green and red woodpeckers, golden orioles, tawny owls, long-eared owls, sparrow hawks, and goshawks have found a home in the trees of this forest. In the wetlands of Bosco WWF di Vanzago, you may see up to 123 species of birds, including 53 breeding ones, such as the great white heron, moorhens, mallards, and also a very diverse fish fauna like perch, pike, tench and chubs.

But in Bosco WWF di Vanzago, nature can also offer much more, if you take the time to fully get to know it. In fact, in Milan, the officially recognized comprehensive institute Scuola Europa joined the pilot project “A scuola di foresta” (Forest School) organized by Etifor, which also organized and conducted experiential workshops directly in the forest. “Forest school” workshops, in addition to getting pupils acquainted with forest habitats and explaining their role in combating the climate crisis, gets children and youngsters involved in planting new trees such as oak, linden, walnut, chestnut, mulberry and Scots pine; thus helping to expand and improve the biodiversity of Bosco WWF di Vanzago.

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