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From the school year 2021/2022, Scuola Europa will start the pilot project “A Scuola di Foresta”. The initiative envisages two stages. The first stage involves the cooperation of teachers with Etifor’s researchers and technicians, in order to translate forestry and environmental concepts into suitable didactic inputs according to the different group ages of the children. In the second stage of the project, a series of experiential learning workshops will be held directly in the forest to let children and kids learn and feel through their senses and direct experience. The initiative gravitates around three main thematic areas: what are forests, their structure and main functions, their role in human health and in tackling climate change.


During the autumn educational trips, a few trees will be planted in an area of the city or province that needs reforestation and restoration of biodiversity, with the goal – after the first year – of planting a tree for each student, thus creating a real school forest. The idea is to make the school Climate Positive within the next ten years (i.e.: able to capture more CO2 than it emits) in line with the Sustainable Goals of the EU Agenda 2030, which the school pursues with various activities. The trees that will give life to the new “Scuola Europa Forest” will be adopted by parents and children.

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