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Forest Therapy Hub (FTHub) is a group of professionals from different countries who offer innovative trainings based on their first hand experience and implementation of scientific evidence. We train professionals to become Forest Bathing Guides and Forest Therapy Practitioners through an integrative evidence-based method, underpinned by a multidisciplinary approach. We take into account planetary health, forest medicine, sociology, psychology, emotional ecology, and forestry. Planetary Health is one of our core commitments, as we believe that a person can be healthy only if the planet is healthy. Our vision is rooted in a society aware of the connection between people’s and the planet’s wellbeing. Plus, our own restoration as humans relies on forests and nature restoration. That is why we mobilise and lead the interdisciplinary field of nature-based health and wellbeing practices promoting an interaction between people and nature.


We collaborate, finance, and disseminate social action projects that connect human and planetary health, focusing on community development and fragile groups. FTHub joins WOWnature FTHub and WOWnature are celebrating a collaboration to support forest restoration through tree growth and maintenance, thanks to a long-term agreement. In 2018, storm Vaia brought unprecedented damage to the Alps forests. In a few hours, millions of trees were blown down causing a huge social, environmental, and economic loss for the local communities. It was an unprecedented extreme event in the North-east of Italy, another clear and direct consequence of the global climate crisis. FTHub will be donating funds from the Italy trainings to plant trees in the areas hit by the storm. The 2021 edition of the training programme will support the Fiemme Valley area. 4 trees will be planted every subscription to the Forest Therapy course.

Supported areas

Val di Fiemme

Val di Fiemme (TN)
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