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The forests we created and improved

Val di Sella

Borgo Valsugana (TN)

Val di Sella seduces anyone who visits it. Every guest of the “blissful valley,” in fact, is attracted by its imperceptible, sublime mixture of spaces, forms, lights and colours.

Val di Sella seduces anyone who visits it, whether the visitor belongs to the ever-growing ranks of hikers or to those people who receive intense emotions, messages and stimuli from nature and art. Every guest of the “blissful valley,” in fact, is attracted by its imperceptible, sublime mixture of seemingly hidden elements that only a few places are capable of offering: harmony of spaces, forms, lights and colours. We have decided to protect the existing forest in Val di Sella within the exhibition areas of Artesella; a magical, one-of-a-kind place: an art collection, a venue where trees are the centerpiece of installations and artworks that are tied to the land, to the local community and to all the mountain, art and nature lovers who are lucky enough to visit this fantastic open-air natural museum. Tackling the climate crisis means protecting and becoming responsible for the forests we love, by taking care of them.

Storm Vaia that hit these areas in 2018 left many trees on the ground, which were then attacked by the bark beetle and is now threatening even the trees that are still standing. In fact, the bark beetle is a pest that attacks spruce by digging tunnels under the bark, which cause the plant to dry out and die quickly. We have already planted various native species in this area, contributing to the revival of mixed forests with great recreational, tourist and cultural value. Now, the bark beetle emergency demands that we react immediately to safeguard the forests and exhibition areas of Artesella, which are visited by more than 100,000 people annually. Your support has helped us maintain the existing forest, improve the forests in the Artesella areas, and assisted in tackling and containing the damage caused by the bark beetle.

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