29 october 2018: our mountains got unprecedented damage due to Storm Vaia; in a few hours, the wind tore down millions of trees causing a huge social and environmental loss. Through the initiative WOWalps, you can choose the tree you prefer and grow it in the forest you love.

Your contribution

Your contribution will support private and public forest owners in undertaking the activities of restoration of their forests: from tree planting to the maintenance in the following years.

From science to action

If we want to restart stronger than before, we need an approach that allows, at the same time, to act quickly while being based on science and assessing case by case what are the interventions needed. Keep in mind that planting new trees is not always needed, neither it is always a priority in the process of restoration of damaged areas. With this initiative, we want to value and support the work of all the people that, during this emergency are doing as they do in everyday life, taking care of forests and mountain territories.

You can now grow your tree in:

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Active areas

Alta Badia

Support the rebirth of Alta Badia’s forests and help mitigate the effects of the climate crisis!

Val Camonica

Support the rebirth of the forests of Val Camonica.

SosteniAMO LE COSE BUONE in Val di Sella

SosteniAMO LE COSE BUONE in Val di Sella decided to bring a concrete contribution to restore the alpine territory by giving a tree for Christmas celebrations.


Support the rebirth of the Friulian forests, choose to grow a tree in Sappada!


Livinallongo del Col di Lana is one of the main Ladin valleys of the Veneto Dolomites; growing a tree here you will also support its rebirth!

Feltre City

The fury of Hurricane Vaia not only devastated mountains and high altitude woods but also hit the heart of Feltre.

Arte Sella

This valley is known as the place where art merges with the forest but, for those who love it and for those who live in it, it is also much more. Support its rebirth with us.

Zoldo Valley

Grow a tree in Val di Zoldo in the shade of the great massifs of Pelmo and Civetta. With your contribution we will give new life to the most authentic Dolomites.

Fiemme Valley

Support the Fiemme Valley, known throughout the world for the excellence and value of its forests and its resonance firs used for musical instruments.


Growing a tree in the Sette Comuni Plateau means giving this place back to history, lovers and poetry.

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