Gruppo Pam Panorama

CO2 sequestration 12.500 Kg
The trees you're growing 800
Protected areas 0

Pam Panorama is a company of the Pam Group, a historic Italian company in the large-scale retail sector that has recently celebrated its first 60 years in business. Since opening its first store in 1958, a lot has changed: Italy, Italians and above all the way we shop. Pam Group has evolved together with its customers, always maintaining a constant commitment to ensure the best possible shopping experience in all stores.


The responsibility that Pam Panorama feels towards the territories in which it operates is very strong. Hence the desire to proceed with the planting of 600 trees in the forested area of the Municipality of Enego on the Altopiano di Asiago. The forests in the area were hard hit by the storm Vaia in late October 2018. Thanks to this initiative, Bosco Pam was born in an area of the territory close to the company.


After the intervention to revive the forest heritage of the Plateau, in 2021 it was decided to bring the Forest also in the city, with the planting of 550 trees that contributed to the creation of a Food Forest at Parco Nord Milano, the green lung of the city. A park created thanks to an ambitious project of redevelopment of areas once industrial or uncultivated that now offers vast forests, meadows, bodies of water and long tree-lined avenues. The food forest has 10,000 square meters of forest open to the public, consisting of medicinal plants and fruit trees with species edible by both humans and wildlife of the park. Over the years, when the food forest will bear its first fruits, collective fruit picking events will be organized by the park. The food forest will also host educational paths and initiatives, in every season, dedicated to citizens. This will allow people to discover and learn about the cultivation of local species that are best adapted to the soil and climate of Milan.

Supported areas

Lio Piccolo, laguna di Venezia

Cavallino Treporti(VE)

Parco Nord Milano