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“Will there ever again be lovers that, on a winter’s night, will be carried away on a sled, pulled by a generous horse on the moonlight-soaked Marcesina Plateau? If not, how sad would the world be”, these words were written by Mario Rigoni Stern about this land in the heart of the Asiago Plateau, the place where he lived and which he wrote about.

And we wonder what he would write today, finding himself in front of the wounded Marcesina Plateau which, because of Storm Vaia, is comparable with how this land was 100 years ago, when the destruction of first world war wiped out these beautiful forests.

Adopting a tree on the Asiago Plateau means giving this land back to history, lovers and poetry.

Project realized thanks to the collaboration with the forest owners and managers of Enego in the context of the project WOWalps | the re-birth of alpine forests promoted by WOWnature in collaboration with the Municipalities and private citizens that take care of the forests that were damaged by Storm Vaia.


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