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The Municipal Administration of Loria, in favour of its newborns, has thought of a very special gift! In agreement with Etifor, a forestry spin-off of the University of Padua, the project “A tree for every newborn” has been developed. This project consists in “donating” to every newborn child in the Municipality, a tree planted in areas at very high hydro-geological risk in the Municipality of Livinallongo (BL), hit by the terrible storm Vaia in 2018. Geolocalized trees that can be visited and whose evolution will always be monitored. A sort of twinning 2.0 Loria-Livinallongo.


An initiative that is based on the conviction that planting suitable trees, followed by experts in areas at risk, is doing something really important for near and far. An action that, together with others, aims to raise awareness among the citizens of Loria on the most crucial issue of the fight against climate change.

Supported areas


Livinallongo del Col di Lana (BL)