CO2 sequestration 10.824 Kg
The trees you're growing 328
Protected areas 0

Since 1993, Mondeox Spa has been producing with passion and commitment high performance footwear for the most important outdoor brands, and distribution chains. A path of growth in the name of quality and the best service, alongside technological partners such as Vibram® and Gore®, which has allowed Mondeox Spa to establish itself in the international market, expanding its production first in Romania in 2001, and then in Ukraine, since 2007.


Currently in both countries Mondeox owns the production sites, for a total of 20.000sqm.

The climatic crisis pushed the management of Mondeox Spa to reflect on what it could quickly do to preserve the planet and the future of the next generations.

Mondeox Spa hopes to collaborate with WOWnature for many years, starting from this 2021, in the name of sustainability and environmental protection.

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