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The London poet John Ruskin said that “home” is the place of peace, the place to find refuge from all fear, doubt and discord. For this reason, the word “home” can have a different meaning for different people, it is the place where you live – not the place where you “exist”, the place where you really “live” – it is the place you love. And for Tino Sport Ski Service, as for all snow lovers, the mountain is “home”, it is the place where you really live. Always working every day with passion, dedication and attention to novelties, Tino Sport helps ski enthusiasts and technicians to fully experience the mountains, taking care of their equipment with professionalism, attention to the search for the best brands of materials and with quality preparation and maintenance services.


And from today, choosing Tino Sport means not only having better equipment, but also helping to save nature and the mountains, the second home of every snow lover: in fact, in 2019 and 2020, for every 100 € of customer spending, Tino Sport will donate 5 € to support the WOWnature initiative to revive the forests of Enego, one of the areas most damaged by the VAIA storm that hit our forests last autumn.

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Enego (VI)