Artists 4 the planet

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Artists 4 the Planet is a newborn association in Vicenza, created by the pianist and composer Diego Bassignana. It aims to bring together artists, associations and cooperatives from different backgrounds to raise awareness about environmental preervation. It organizes cultural events, concerts, festivals, and workshops in local schools.


The core activities carried out by Artists 4 the Planet include: promotion and support of reforestation projects, land reclamation, and economic support to local environmental associations. In addition they teach environmental education, recycling, and encourage actions to boost our contact with nature. Artists 4 the Planet shares values with WOWnature. They have the same desire to act, having a strong environmental and social impact.


Therefore, we decided to support the restoration of a forest in Enego, in the Asiago Plateau, hit by the 2018 Vaia storm that destroy many forests. This reforestation project, in addition to making the forest more resilient and resistant to extreme weather phenomena, will allow us to bring back tourists, trekking enthusiasts, sporties, and nature lovers to enjoy our magnificent landscape.

Supported areas


Enego (VI)