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Rare things are more precious and beautiful than others. That is very true if talking of Mother Nature and her creations. The unequalled quality of marble lies in its uniqueness, owing to thousands of years of specific climate conditions and the composition of the rocks. Being a beauty hunter, Marmo Elite looks for the most beautiful marbles, bringing an extraordinary atmosphere to our spaces. Nevertheless, the research, the extraction, and the transportation of this material with a long renewal cycle has a price to pay. Being aware of that, and thanks to its historical vocation to nature, Marmo Elite has chosen to give a little something back to the Earth.


That’s why, for each received order in 2021, it will plant a new tree in Enego, an area hit by storm Vaia in 2018. This new action is also aimed to raise awareness about the climate crisis, enforcing the existing commitment of the company. In fact, visiting Marmo Elite’s showroom in Domegliara (Verona, Italy), you can see this bond in the tropical greenhouse open to visitors, and the solar panels on the roof of the showroom, powering the factory.

Supported areas


Enego (VI)