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Palabra is an email marketing agency and was founded as a benefit corporation, because respect is a founding value of our work and we decline it in everything we do. The founding partners of Palabra – Alessandra Farabegoli, Marco Ziero and Nicole Zavagnin – are three professionals in love with automation and newsletters. For us, email marketing that works is based on three indispensable elements: respect, relevance, and results. We create emails that converse and convert, that don’t add to the noise but nurture relationships and values.


We founded a benefit company precisely because we want to commit to being respectful, making a difference and getting results even in what is not strictly related to our business. That same respect we have for our work and our customers translates into responsibility for the environment, nature, forests and future generations. Because growing, protecting forests and giving our trees to the customers who choose us means leaving a territory better than it was before, fighting the climate crisis and mitigating the effects of pollution.


For this reason, we have chosen to support two reforestation projects: Pizzotto Forest, a forest heavily affected by the storm Vaia that, in 2018, crashed millions of trees to the ground; Bosco Fontaniva, a small green lung in the heart of the Parco Fiume Brenta. Participating in these initiatives and inviting other people to plant trees is one of the activities we do to give a concrete, sustainable and responsible form to our values.

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Bosco Fontaniva

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