Event in Enego with WOWnature on 18 May 2024

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evento impianto enego

Event in Veneto: plant a tree in Enego, on the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni plateau

Join WOWnature in Enego on Saturday 18 May for a special planting event, celebrating all the trees adopted by citizens and businesses. The event starts with a guided walk, followed by the planting of the adopted trees. It is a unique opportunity to actively contribute to the rebirth of our ecosystem and establish a tangible link with the earth, learning from nature's experience. Join us to make a difference.

All the trees in Enego have been adopted

We are thrilled to announce that all the trees to be planted in Enego have been adopted. A big thank you to all the people and partner companies who have taken these wonderful mountains on the outskirts of Vicenza to heart.

On 18 May in Enego, all those who have adopted trees through WOWnature will be able to plant them in person. Thanks to your support, all the trees available for adoption are finished and are now ready to take root in our beloved territory. This celebration will also be a useful moment of sharing to learn more about the project and its great impact.


Planting the adopted trees in person is a valuable gesture, allowing us to be physically involved in the process of revitalising and caring for the environment. Besides strengthening our bond with nature, this symbolic action reminds us of the importance of our daily choices and the power we have to positively influence the future of our planet. We look forward to seeing you in Enego to make a difference together.


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