Adotta un sentiero

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If you look around carefully, you may be amazed to see how many people work every day, from when the sun rises until after it sets, to make the world a better place. People that we often don’t notice, who blend with us, but work tirelessly and put themselves on the line, doing small, yet big things.


This is the case of “Adotta un sentiero” (Adopt a trail). It’s an association born from the will of seven friends, eager to help the people of Agordino after the devastation of Storm Vaia, in October 2018. To do this, in 2019 the group launched a bike business: from Venice to Falcade, to bring physically, symbolically, and sustainably, the funds they raised for an association of Val Biois.


And still today these young people are unstoppable: driven by a passion for nature and the desire to restore their land, they launched a new fundraising project. This time they will contribute to the Enego wood reforestation, damaged by Vaia as well.

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Enego (VI)