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When you really love the territory, in front of an event like the storm Vaia, you cannot be indifferent For this reason, and in order to become a reference point and model of environmental sustainability for other Italian sports associations, Asd NordicwalkinItaly, has decided to support the restoration of the Enego forests damaged by Vaia. The commitment of Asd NordicwalkinItaly, an association founded in 2011, has brought more than 4500 people closer to Nordic walking. Yet, they do not stop here: they support WOWnature and raise awareness about environmental issues among participants.


This is why the great N42 Nordic Walking Marathon event was organized in 2019, a plastic-free event.

Thanks to Asd NordicwalkinItaly, the forests of Enego will be reborn and thousands of walkers will continue their walking, discovering the hidden beauty not only of the mountains, but also of the beautiful cities on the Venetian coast.

Supported areas


Enego (VI)