Parco Nord Milano

To escape from the stress, traffic and a thousand thoughts of the city, there is nothing better than a nice day, or a few hours, surrounded by nature. Those who live in big cities will have realized that nature is good for us. The effect is almost instantaneous: sometimes all it takes is a few steps inside a park, accompanied by birdsong or the sound of tree branches, and we immediately feel our breath and heartbeat slowing down, our mood rising and our worries becoming more and more distant.

We know that feeling so well that we invented a neologism to define it and pay homage to it: we called it “forèstasi” and recalls the concepts of well-being, fun and balance between man and nature. A feeling of well-being difficult to define, a mixture of serenity and happiness, completeness and harmony. One of the places where we were able to experience a similar sensation is the Parco Nord Milano: a green lung of 600 hectares between the districts of the northern suburbs of Milan and home, among other things, to many cultural, artistic and environmental and sustainability events.

In October a special place will be born in Milan: a food forest that will give fruits and food for those who want to grow a tree at Parco Nord Milano, the beating heart of the city born thanks to an ambitious project of redevelopment of once industrial or uncultivated areas that now offers vast forests, meadows, ponds and long tree-lined avenues. The food forest area will have 10,000 square meters of woodland with 2,000 plants including fruit trees, shrubs, and annual crops of vegetables. It will be accessible to everyone to allow people to discover and learn about the cultivation of local species that best suit the soil and climate of Milan.

But what is the origin of the concept of food forest?
The concept and technique of food forest is based on the cardinal principle of permaculture: the process that naturally takes place in a forest is simulated, allowing to cultivate an area with plants at different heights and levels, in order to optimize the use of resources, water and limit the maintenance of the forest.

Just as nature is good for you, you can also do good to nature, taking care of it and leaving behind a better world than you found.

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PROGETTO: Lowland Forestry Association | AFP
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