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Sometimes life can lead a person to leave what they love the most. This was the case for Mr. Luigi Dal Trozzo who, after the Great War, had to move from his beloved Trentino and go to Milan to work. However, every traveller always carries a little piece of their own land inside them. Reliable and professional like his people, Mr. Dal Trozzo and his company became a landmark for goldsmiths, silversmiths, and watchmakers from all over the world. In spite of this, neither he, nor his children and grandchildren ever forgot where they came from. Their roots stayed strong in the beautiful valleys of Trentino.


So today, alongside continuous evolution and innovation, the company is always guided by the bright star of tradition. For this reason, the founder’s great-grandchildren have chosen to take care of the land of their ancestors, pursuing the dream of a Trentino – and in particular of Val di Sella, Luigi’s native land – where people and nature can live in harmony. This is the story of the project to recover the Don Cesare path, a link between the village of Olle and Arte Sella, damaged in October 2018 by the storm Vaia. Their dream is a family-friendly Val di Sella, where children can play, listening to the birdsong rather than the roar of the engines. For this reason, in addition to implementing safety and cleaning measures, some improvements will be made to the path to encourage responsible use of the valley. In 2021, Luigi Dal Trozzo’s company is following in the footsteps of its founder. Just as after the Great War Luigi came down from the Val di Sella to Milan, today the company is taking care of the forests of the metropolitan city, at the Parco Nord Milano, for planting a food forest.

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